Hello there!

By way of an introduction, here are ten utterly random things about myself to try and shine a light on my personality:

  1. I love vanilla. I don’t care if that makes me boring – vanilla is beautiful.
  2. I want to stop working hard for the wrong people and start working hard for right ones.
  3. I enjoy cooking.
  4. I love reading. I try to read classic literature as well as more modern texts. My favourite classical piece is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. My favourite piece of modern fiction is the Harry Potter series!
  5. I keep a beautiful black cat called Mog.
  6. My favourite colour is green.
  7. My favourite month of the year is October because my favourite season is autumn and I love Halloween. I love the colours.
  8. I wish I had time for more of the good things in my life like family and trying to knit!
  9. I am a terrible procrastinator. I am procrastinating right now as my flat is a mess I am writing this.
  10. If I was ever to have children then I would teach them to believe in fairies, goblins and Santa because childhood is for dreaming.

I have started this blog to share some of my thoughts and feelings with the world. You should only read and respond if you see something that interests you. I would like this blog to connect like minded individuals. I am not really sure what I will write about. I like the look of some the writing prompts I have seen so I might respond to them. I think that will be more interesting then talking about my day-to-day as I am a trainee manager for a large company that I don’t always think highly of so would probably land myself in hot water if I shared too much about that! If I blog successfully for the next year then I would like to have a more physical archive of my thoughts to build on and to have enjoyed some intellectually stimulating conversations. I would also like to use it to encourage my younger brother to blog as he is an aspiring writer who’s main road block is simply a lack of faith and confidence in himself.


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