Describe the most satisfying meal you have ever eaten, in glorious detail.

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Perhaps not the most satisfying meal I have ever eaten, but to be honest I am not sure what that would be and this was still satisfying. Generally I find I take more satisfaction in the preparation in a meal than the eating.

As you can see this is Eggs Benedict, prepared by yours truly. Fresh cheese muffins with thick cut ham, poached eggs and a side of Hollandaise sauce. Truly beautiful.

I love the preparation of food, even more so if it is for someone else as well. This I shared with my partner and I know he really enjoyed it which makes dishing up something like this really worth while. It might take longer than pouring cereal and milk into a bowl but if it is appreciated then really what of it?

I love cooking things from scratch and the only things that would have made this better would have been actually making the muffins and the sauce myself and perhaps even having to take a trip down the garden to get some freshly laid eggs! It is my dream one day to have enough time to more cooking from scratch and certainly to own a few hens, although I will have to figure out how to keep them safe from Mog!

Do you love preparing food? What are your favourite recipes? Get in touch!


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